Renters Emergency Response

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project concept developed at Portland Ideation Summit in January 2018 by:

Marih Alyn-Claire,
Tim McCormick,


Renters receive eviction notices and don't know what to do. has complicated information. As does Need Help Paying Bills

Found on Feb 8: Community Alliance of Tennants, which has a lot of the urgently needed information and is nicely organized. 

The web site Tenants Priced Out has a page about surviving displacement; need to build awareness.



A well-known resource that has instant information for renters who receive eviction notices, such as a phone number to call, web site to visit, to find out tenants rights, in plain language (also translated). Perhaps require Renters Emergency Response to be part of lease agreements. 



Project development sketches/notes

initial ideation sheet: 

initial brainstorm sheet


missing: emergency-level response to housing crisis points, that comes to the problem. 
Examples of Red Cross emergency response. 
"Clearing House" 
Emergency Response Center idea (in blue).
"Tenant 911" / "Eviction 911" / "Displacement 911" number. 
Emergency Response Center idea