Housing bingo

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Housing Bingo is a proposed game to play during public hearings related to housing, 

Originally, a "Yes In My Bingo" card satirizing YIMBY talking points was created by @ushanti, Democratic Socialists of America, San Francisco chapter, Housing Committee co-chair.: 

Kelly Akemi‏ @_kelleesi 4:29 PM - 12 Jan 2018
"Cleaning out my old work laptop and came across YES IN MY BINGO courtesy of @uhshanti. Pretty sure I would have won blackout bingo yesterday during #RepealCostaHawkins hearing."

Yes In My Bingo card by @ushanti
YIMBYwiki counter-proposed: 
YIMBYwiki‏ @YIMBYwiki 5:00 PM - 12 Jan 2018
Replying to @_kelleesi @uhshanti
"perhaps there could be a competitive version of this with alternate cards for YIMBYs to use at hearings? with contest updates shared realtime along with event livetweets, loser buys drinks after or donates to the #housingbingo game fund?"

bagels & lox & roses 🌹‏  @uhshanti 5:03 PM - 12 Jan 2018
Replying to @YIMBYwiki @_kelleesi
"You could also make a Not In My Bingo that would be pretty funny"