"People in the housing space really need to break themselves of the belief that exclusionary zoning is popular.

There’s a decent body of recent polling on this & it shows the exact opposite!

Why deny evidence of the popularity of your own position?" - https://twitter.com/henrykraemer/status/1158904954792230912?s=21

Sources: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/henrykraemer/its-the-housing-stupid


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"the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California found that 62% of adults surveyed were in favor of requiring cities and counties to permit apartment construction in communities that now comprise only single-family homes."


"Like, straight up - there is hard evidence showing that voters support equitable zoning and only anecdotal evidence (largely driven by public meetings) that people prefer exclusionary zoning.

Why some pro-housing advocates resist this truth is beyond my comprehension." - https://twitter.com/henrykraemer/status/1158964071196004352?s=21

"Recent experience that’s happened a couple of times now:

1) Post some new data showing pro-housing policies to be popular.

2) Get a bunch of “THIS POLL IS WRONG; THE NIMBY POSITION IS ACTUALLY VERY POPULAR” responses from pro-housing people

Why are we like this."


"82% of voters in Multnomah County (aka Portland, plus a few small suburbs) support affordable housing being built in their neighborhoods.

NIMBYs are a tiny, marginal ideological minority & should be treated that way." - https://twitter.com/henrykraemer/status/1161057950749696002?s=21


"In a liberal area, OF COURSE most ppl say they hypothetically want AH, as a values question. But show them a 4-5 story building, and “it’s out of character!” More importantly, the greatest threat to affordability isn’t NIMBY opposition to AH, of which we build very little anyway."

- https://twitter.com/nlienhart/status/1161078718309081088?s=21