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Laura Foote Clark @NeverSassyLaura 3:38 PM - 15 Jan 2018
"Working on a "grab bag" of other policies for YIMBYs.
Please get in touch if you'd like to work together on proposals for (or if you have existing policy proposals for)...
(1) Vacancy Tax
(2) Good demolition controls
(3) New funding sources for Aff Housing
(4) Add to this list"


Vacancy tax[edit source]


Demolition controls [edit source]


Funding sources for Affordable Housing [edit source]


Source-of-income nondiscrimination[edit source]


Construction costs[edit source]


Mandatory disclosure of the people in control of real property[edit source]


Form-based codes[edit source]


Maximum minimums: 1) Lot size 2) parking requirements 3) units per acre 4) FAR[edit source]

(Dan Keshet). 

Limit landmarking and historical preservation
[edit source]

Repeal Article 34,
[edit source]

(California law which requires public vote to for cities to build public housing and low-income housing financed by bonds). 

Height minimums near transit, overridable only by supermajority vote of city council
[edit source]

Accessory Dwelling Units everywhere
[edit source]

Use regional commercial vacancy rates as a trigger to allow residential development on commercially zoned areas.[edit source]

(Angela Hockabout)

Empower office parks to build housing on top.[edit source]

(Angela Hockabout) 

Land value tax 
[edit source]

Allows municipal rental it on net rental income, and increase the rate. [edit source]

(currently is only on gross rental income). 
Replace impact fees with a partial set aside of rental income tax revenue. Tax all landlords, not just new one. Tax profit, not investment.

Combined vacancy and rent receipts tax to approximate a land value tax[edit source]

Yonathan Randolph @yonran



Smarter property tax policy with circuit breaker credits[edit source]

(Marc Love)

  • Automatic
  • Based on income
  • Available to renters
  • Have an appropriate cap to exclude expensive residential property



Convert excess street, highway, parking space to housing[edit source]

Lyle Solla-Yates‏  @LyleSollaYates 6:07 PM - 15 Jan 2018
"Skinny streets, urban highway demo, and closing public streets and parking for housing. Basically review public land, and if its current use isn’t better than housing...housing."


By-right story additions[edit source]


Reform when the exclusionary terms of an HOA’s CC&Rs are enforceable[edit source]

Yonathan Randolph @yonran
"At the state level, reform when the exclusionary terms of an HOA’s CC&Rs are enforceable. Set a time limit, or allow countywide referendum of exclusionary terms."


Zoning can't be more restrictive than 50th percentile of what exists[edit source]

Jake Larkin @jakelarkn
zoning (setbacks / lot coverage / height) that can't be more restrictive than the 50th+ percentile of what already exists.


Sensible rent stabilization [edit source]

dril, but not woke‏ @ebarcuzzi 3:42 PM - 15 Jan 2018
"Sensible rent stabilization rules that don't discourage new development, but do encourage redevelopment of under built properties."




References[edit source]