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This is an inclusive list of all groups we come across, that add themself or are suggested by someone else. There is no official definition of what is a YIMBY or YIMBY-oriented organization. Some groups may use the term “YIMBY”, some may not. If anyone disagrees with the inclusion of a given group on the list, we'll either mark it disputed or remove it. -admin

International/Transnational[edit source]

Australia[edit source]

Brazil[edit source]

Canada[edit source]

Canada-wide[edit source]

British Columbia[edit source]

Manitoba[edit source]

Ontario[edit source]

Iceland[edit source]

Ireland[edit source]

Italy[edit source]

Netherlands[edit source]

Amsterdam[edit source]

Peru[edit source]

Lima[edit source]

Sweden[edit source]

(Note: Where the YIMBY term/movement began!)

United Kingdom[edit source]

London[edit source]

United States[edit source]

National [edit source]

Alaska[edit source]

California[edit source]

General[edit source]

Central Coast[edit source]

Los Angeles[edit source]

Orange County[edit source]

Sacramento[edit source]

San Diego[edit source]

San Francisco Bay[edit source]

Sierras[edit source]

Colorado[edit source]

Connecticut[edit source]

(Twitter.png @CTOCAlliance)

District of Columbia[edit source]

Georgia [edit source]

Atlanta YIMBY (Twitter.png @atlYIMBY).
"promoting density in Atlanta"

Illinois[edit source]

Chicago[edit source]

Louisiana[edit source]

New Orleans[edit source]

Maryland[edit source]

Baltimore[edit source]

Montgomery County[edit source]

Maine [edit source]

Massachusetts[edit source]

Boston area[edit source]

Minnesota[edit source]

Missouri[edit source]

Nevada[edit source]

Northern Nevada[edit source]

New Jersey[edit source]

New York[edit source]

New York City[edit source]

North Carolina[edit source]

Oregon[edit source]

Bend[edit source]

Portland[edit source]

(see also Portland, Oregon article, YIMBY/urbanist organizations section)

Portland for Everyone is a growing coalition of individuals, affordable housing advocates, community-based, transportation, and environmental organizations, neighborhoods, and local businesses, who advocate for abundant, diverse, and affordable housing options. Together, we urge Portland City Council to make inclusive and equitable planning and land use policy decisions that will expand housing choices and availability to better meet the needs of ALL our residents. —from portlandforeveryone.org/about/

Pennsylvania[edit source]

Philly YIMBY (Twitter.png @PhillyYIMBY, ‏http://www.5thsq.org/philly_yimby). 
"Abundant housing for the City of Brotherly Love. Send tips to phillyyimby@gmail.com. Project of @5thsq."

Texas[edit source]

Austin[edit source]

Houston[edit source]

San Antonio[edit source]

Virginia[edit source]

  • Charlottesville YIMBY

Washington[edit source]

Seattle[edit source]

Tacoma[edit source]