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YIMBYtown 2016

The first annual YIMBYtown Conference was organized by the Better Boulder organization and held in Boulder, Colorado in June 2016. The conference drew pro-development, sustainable transportation and YIMBY activists from across North America and beyond.

"The excitement was palpable at this inaugural national gathering. Participants swapped stories of exhilarating successes and heartbreaking defeats. They spoke of the thrill of finding kindred spirits on Twitter and Facebook and feeling crushed in the face of sharp criticism in online message boards. They debated policy approaches, educational techniques, and organizing strategies. They wrestled with how to advance social equity, diversity, and inclusion. And they dared to dream big, contemplating a national network with the power to reshape the country’s growth patterns." - Greenbelt Alliance's Matt Vander Sluis on YIMBYTown 2016

SF Bay Area Renters' Federation (BARF) founder Sonja Trauss gave the conference's opening address. She was followed by Sara Maxana of Seattle for Everyone who gave the keynote address, speaking about the need for wealthier, single-family residents to make room for others in their neighborhoods and be more inclusive. The conference's panel topics included mandatory housing affordability, Seattle's HALA (Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda), the courts, housing, and affordability, the "sacredness" of single family housing designation, building YIMBY alliances, "Inside City Hall."and using data to prompt citizen action. Impromptu discussions at the conference touched upon the dominance of men's voices in urbanist circles and the need for greater inclusivity within the YIMBY movement.

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YIMBYtown 2017

The second annual YIMBYTown Conference was hosted by East Bay Forward (now East Bay for Everyone) in Oakland, California in July 2017, See here for more on YIMBYtown 2017,

YIMBYtown 2018

The third annual YIMBYtown conference is September 20-23, 2018, at Roxbury Community College, Boston. 
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