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Vallco Shopping Mall, 2014

The VALLCO Site is a key redevelopment project and controversy in Cupertino, California.


The original project, VALLCO Business and Industrial Park, was created in the early 1960s by a group of the city's largest landowners. Of 25 major property owners, 17 decided to pool their land to form VALLCO Park, 6 sold to Varian Associates (property later sold to Hewlett-Packard), and two opted for transplanting to farms elsewhere. The name VALLCO was derived from the names of the principal developers: Varian Associates and the Leonard, Lester, Craft, and Orlando families. A neighborhood outdoor shopping center and, much later, the enclosed Vallco Fashion Park, briefly renamed Cupertino Square, were also developed. [this is now known as Vallco Shopping Mall].  (from: Wikipedia).  

Since 2014, the proposed redevelopment of this VALLCO Site has emerged as a key land-use controversy in Cupertino, and prompted the formation of new advocacy groups such as Better Cupertino.