Toshio Meronek

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Toshio Meronek, or Gregory Toshio Meronek, is a journalist focusing on politics, the Bay Area, disability, LGBT/queer issues, and prisons. He covers Silicon Valley for Truthout, and has also reported for Al Jazeera, In These Times, and The Nation. His work has appeared in several anthologies (most recently in Captive Genders: Trans Embodiment and the Prison Industrial Complex). [from:].  

A May 10, 2017 Truthout byline notes that Meronek is currently a Nation Institute grantee investigating the post-prison civil commitment system.



Meronek was co-author, with Andrew Szeto of a controversial May 10, 2017 article on Truthout, entitled "YIMBYs: The Alt-Right Darlings of the Real Estate Industry." The title of the article was subsequently retracted and the "Alt-Right" removed. 

A follow-up article by Szeto and Merone published as an op-ed in the San Francisco Examiner on May 21, stated: 

"In the aftermath of our article’s publication, we have been the subjects of a mass doxing campaign — a common tact used by the alt-right against leftists. Our personal information has been shared widely over the internet, and our employers and publishers harassed, presumably to have us fired."





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