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Support YIMBYwiki and help it grow

YIMBYwiki began as a volunteer effort growing out of discussions on the YIMBYtown national mailing list. Site setup, hosting, editing and initial funds for the platform were provided by Tim McCormick in San Francisco. We have quickly realized that YIMBYwiki fills a real need in the global YIMBY community and we are eager to see the platform expand to fully to serve this. We envision YIMBYwiki becoming the largest, comprehensive knowledge base of its kind for YIMBY and housing issues.

So that YIMBYwiki can be sustained and grow, we need your help. Please do make a direct donation, using one of the methods below to support the YIMBYwiki project.

Donate via Paypal: PaypalButton.gif

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Donate by Patreon (monthly subscription) 

In the coming months, we plan to move the platform from beta to launch, to optimize its function and add features to improve the experience. Your donations will help us to realize these goals as well as provide compensation for the work that goes into designing, maintaining, editing and providing outreach for the platform.

In addition to your contributions, we are exploring various avenues to generate sustaining funding. These include 

  • Crowd and subscription funding, e.g. via Indiegogo and Patreon platforms
  • Direct support from one or more related organizations
  • Grant funding 
  • Affiliation as a "sponsored project" of a registed not-for-profit, allowing tax-deductible donations
  • Organization into a not-for-profit ourselves

Please do contribute what you can (even $10 is helpful put towards the project) and spread the word about YIMBYwiki so that we can continue to build the repository and engagement.

Thank you for your support.