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''so far the broadest, most extensively researched, best illustrated survey, a landmark work. Unfortunately, not very available - $85 used online, no previews on Amazon or Google Books.'' ''Elleh is Associate Professor of Architecture, History and Theory at the University of Cincinnati. He was trained as an architect and received his PhD in art history from Northwestern University.''</blockquote>Freund, Bill. (2007). ''The African City: A History''. Cambridge University Press, <nowiki>ISBN 9780521821094</nowiki>.
Gardi, René. ''Indigenous African Architecture'' (1973).<blockquote>On Internet Archive - borrowable for 1hr at a time: https://archive.org/details/indigenousafrica0000gard/.</blockquote>Garlake, Peter. ''Early Art and Architecture of Africa'' (Oxford University Press, 2002).<blockquote>Full edition on ISSUU (online reading only): https://issuu.com/cleaningsrvices42/docs/0192842617-early-art-and-architecture-of-africa-by-peter-garlake.
On Internet Archive - borrowable for 1hr at a time: https://archive.org/details/earlyartarchitec00garl.</blockquote>
Hull, Richard. ''African Cities and Towns before the European Conquest'' (1976).
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