Shelter to Housing Continuum Project

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Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, Housing Bureau, and Joint City-County Office of Homeless Services are partnering to retool City codes to better address the homelessness crisis. The project will further fair housing, expand shelter and housing options, and improve city code to aid shelter and housing providers.

Project lead at BPS: Al Burns - - 503-823-7832

BPS Background Research

from BPS (posted 7/14/2020, docs dated 6/9/20, but some go back as far as 2018):

Project Overview 7/15/20

Project Overview, 7/15/20 presented by Al Burns at online Portland Neighbors Welcome happy hour:

"BPS was directed by City Council on February 19, 2019 to undertake this work through Ordinance No. 189387, which extended the City's State of Housing Emergency to April 4, 2021.

Core Project Team:

  • Al Burns, BPS, Project Manager
  • Phil Nameny, BPS
  • Matt Wickstrom, BDS
  • Jessica Conner, PHB

Working Group Advisors

  • Terry Whitehill, BDS
  • Marc Jolin, and April Rohman, JOHS
  • Jonny Lewis, OMF
  • Amber Clayton, PBOT Right of Way
  • Nate Takara, Fire Bureau
  • Mike Krantz, Chris Davis, and Mike Krebs, Mayor's Office
  • Clarir Adamsick, Commissioner Fritz's Office

Vehicle Dwelling (on private property)

prominent local developer and official -- Eli Spevak, chair of the citizen Planning and Sustainability Commission -- is actually publicly urging officials to legalize of vehicle dwelling, on private property. Currently that is decriminalized, but not really legalized, in Portland.

Some of us are attempting to get some type of legalization for it including in a current code reform initiative called Shelter to Housing Continuum Project, but the city planner in charge, who is in this video meeting also, shortly after came out with an updated project description specifically excluding it. (1:14:56 - 1:19:55).