San Mateo 4 Santa Inez Ave

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Project in San Mateo, California (on San Francisco peninsula)

"Planners move to deny condo project =

San Mateo commission heeds concerns at Santa Inez Avenue"

Samantha Weigel, San Mateo Daily Journal, , Sep 29, 2017

Citing San Mateo as a residential community and the city’s values of preserving neighborhood character, the Planning Commission Tuesday moved to deny a 10-unit condominium project along El Camino Real.

Residents spoke in opposition of the four-story redevelopment proposed at 4 Santa Inez Ave., prompting the commission Tuesday night to vote 3-1 against the project arguing it wasn’t appropriate for the neighborhood comprised mainly of single-family homes. Commissioner Pamela O’Leary was absent.

“I think the architectural design is wonderful, it’s a very pleasing building, and it’s well thought out. Unfortunately, I think it’s on the wrong lot and, when I start to look at a project, I always go to the site and of course try to imagine how it would impact me if I lived in that neighborhood,” said commission Chair John Ebneter, according to a meeting video.


Twitter thread noting possible violation of California Housing Accountability Act: