Outreach Mapping

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Outreach Tracker with GIS and maps

Tim, April, Peter, Chris, & Co


Outreach teams bring supplies to camps, but there is no record, so sometimes resources are given twice at one location, but not at all at another location. Issue: Don’t want to keep exact locations, just general areas, so others can’t use the map to find and sweep camps.

Example of data in pop-up from each zone.
Example of data in pop-up from each zone.


  1. Better identify areas for immediate outreach (pre-campsite clean ups, severe weather, etc.)
  2. Reduce duplication of services
  3. Collect data to inform future outreach strategies


Divide the city into outreach zones; Outreach staff take tablets (?) and record what resources are distributed. Other organizations have access to synchronize efforts around contact and supplies. Zones have pop-ups that outreach staff can view that lists donations and needs.

In the future, outreach teams could gather data to share. April and Tim are going to keep working on this.