Oregon Tenant Resource Center

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project concept developed at Portland Ideation Summit in January 2018 by:

Tim McCormick, YIMBY.wiki
Marih Alyn-Claire, TenantsPricedOut.com

  1. Landlord database - rating, records, registration.
  2. Vetter rental listings
  3. Standardized rental application, process
  4. Rent payment platform, dispute process
  5. Rent rise / eviction insurance and emergency interim housing

Could include another Idea: Eviction 911: What to do if you are being evicted. (Renters Emergency Response)

Project development sketches/notes

initial ideation sheet: 

initial brainstorm sheet
"tenant groups need new infrastructure (for communication, organizing, advocacy, lobby)." 
how resourced? 
what organizations are already working in this area? 
see Williamette Week article about Portland Tenants United and racism. 
C.A.T. - Community Alliance of Tenants. 
initial brainstorm sheet
missing: emergency-level response to housing crisis points, that comes to the problem. 
Examples of Red Cross emergency response. 
"Clearing House" 
Emergency Response Center idea (in blue).
"Tenant 911" / "Eviction 911" / "Displacement 911" number. 
Emergency Response Center idea
Oregon Tenant Resource Center ("O-TRAC") 
Oregon Tenants Resource Center
notes on state-level reform needs. 
notes on State reform needs