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This is a list of online publications, blog, podcasts, & journals that cover housing, planning, urbanism, and YIMBY topics.


  • BeyondChron - Randy Shaw, San Francisco. 
  • C is for Crank (Seattle politics, urbanism, land use coverage). by Erica C. Barnett. 
  • California Planning and Pevelopment News. @Cal_Plan
  • CITIES Online
    Published by the Cities Foundation (Amsterdam)
    Articles, newsletter. 
    @citiesonline on Twitter
  • City Journal - from Manhattan Institute, conservative think-tank
  • City Observatory "What Matters to the Success of Cities" "City Observatory is a website and think tank devoted to 'data-driven'analysis of cities and the policies that shape them. " Core topics include  transportation, housing, gentrification, 'place making', economic opportunity, and industry clusters. Run by economist Joe Cortright in Portland. 
  • Citylab (previously known as The Atlantic Cities) 
  • Curbed "Obsessing about where you live is an overwhelming concern and endless pastime. Our mission at Curbed is to tell great stories, delivered with all the context you need to know about homes, neighborhoods, and cities—while serving up a constant source of inspiration.Since 2004, Curbed has been an integral part of the online housing industry, and by providing analysis, coverage, and insight, we apply an editorial lens to the onslaught of information. Unlike a glossy shelter magazine, we see homes, architecture, interior design, cities, neighborhoods, and properties for sale as related points on a spectrum."



  • Nick Magrino's blog - [1] - Minneapolis. 
  • Granola Shotgun combines big-city and small-city urbanism
  • The Parking Minute - Tony Jordan blogs about parking reform, from Portland.
  • West North - Payton Chung blogs about city stuff, mostly DC,
  • Urbanrail
  • Pedestrian Observations (Alon Levy @alon_levy)
  • Polis
  • This City Life (Jillian Glover, British Columbia)
  • Emergent Urbanism (Mathieu Hélie @mathieuhelie, Québec)
  • Alistair Parvin  (@AlastairParvin)  "Alastair Parvin is a designer and civic entrepreneur based in London, UK. He is the co-founder of WikiHouse Foundation and a member of strategic design group 00. He is currently working on better housing systems, democratic cities & technology made by and for everyone."
  • Urban Life Signs - - Brian Skokle, San Francisco.
  • Active Transport for Cities (Chris R. Hamilton @ChrisRHamilton) Based in Key West, Florida. Previously Hamilton was the Commuter Services Bureau Chief of Arlington, Virginia's DOT and led a team "whose mission is to make it easy for people to take transit, bike, and walk rather than drive alone."'
  • The Transport Politic (Yonah Freemark; based in Cambridge, MA @yfreemark) "Yonah Freemark is an urbanist and journalist who has worked in architecture, planning, and transportation."
  • Aaron Renn/Urbanophile (Aaron M. Renn @urbanophile"Aaron M. Renn is a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and an opinion-leading urban analyst, writer, and speaker on a mission to help America’s cities thrive and find sustainable success in the 21st century."
  • Human Transit (Jarrett Walker @humantransit) "Since 1991 I’ve been a consulting transit planner, helping to design transit networks and policies for a huge range of communities.  My goal here is to start conversations about how transit works, and how we can use it to create better cities and towns."
  • Community Architect (Klaus Philipsen) "Klaus Philipsen, FAIA is an architect, urban designer and architectural writer specializing in urban architecture, adaptive reuse, preservation and transportation work." "This is an urban design, architecture and cities blog exploring design, art, culture, planning, transportation and cultural landscapes"
  • Stop and Move - Fresno, California
  • Let's Go LA
  • Systemic Failure
  • Markasaurus (Mark Hogan @markasaurusMark Hogan is an architect (principal at Open Scope Studio, San Francisco). "His primary professional interests lie in infill housing, sustainable urban design and in enhancing digital design workflows."
  • Martha Bridgegam (@MBridegam) Martha 'Bridgegam'is a writer and attorney who writes about "housing, homelessness, land and water use, landscape history, cities and camps. Mostly in California."
  • City Notes (Daniel Kay Hertz @DanielKayHertz) Daniel Kay Hertz is a senior fellow at City Observatory and is a graduate of the MPP program at the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago. Self-described "militant Midwesternist."
  • Corner Side Yard (Pete Saunders @petesaunders3) Pete Saunders is an urban planner, "#Rustbelt lover. Detroit born/raised, Hoosier trained and Windy City polished." Corner Side Yard also gives some coverage to Saunders' native Detroit.
  • Surly Urbanism (@surlyurbanist )
  • Jace Deloney @JaceDeloney  Jace Deloney is the co-founder of AURA, a former chair of the City of Austin's Urban Transportation Commission and a Board Member of the Alliance for Public Transportation.
  • Local Mustard (Cory Brown @TCB)
  • Austin Contrarian (Chris Bradford @ChrisBBradford)  Chris Bradford is an attorney whose practice focuses on " land-use entitlements, development permits, water regulations and other matters relating to land use and real estate development." Chris says "I have always been interested in development and the economics of land-use regulations. Land-use regulations affect nearly every aspect of our lives, from how much we pay for rent, to how far we must travel to buy a cup of coffee or pair of shoes, to what our streets look like."
  • Austin On Your Feet (Dan Keshet @DanKeshet)
  • Austin Transit Blog @atxtransitblog
  • Keep Austin Wonky (Julio Gonzalez Altamirano) 
  • Urbanizing Austin (Tim Thomas @tthomas48, Austin)
  • M1EK's Bake-Sale of Bile  (Mike Dahmus @mdahmus, Austin)
  • Wonkingbird (Julie Montgomery @juliamontgomery, Austin)
  • (Steven Yarak, Austin)
  • Austin Teacher Dad (Marshall Escamilla)
  • Car Free Austin @carfreeaustin (Carrie Gammell and Seth Goodman) "Carrie Gammell and Seth Goodman are two architectural designers residing in Austin, Texas. Carrie originally hails from Houston, while Seth was born and raised in ATX. Before settling in Austin, Carrie and Seth studied in Houston and Paris and worked in Seattle, Philadelphia, and Bogotá. After living car-free in five other cities, they decided to fully commit to the lifestyle in their new home."
  • Austin On A Bike
  • Houston Strategies (Tory Gattis @torygattis) "Social Systems Architect and entrepreneur with a genuine love of my hometown. I cover a wide range of topics in this blog - including transportation, transit, economic development, quality-of-life, city identity, and development and land-use regulations - and have published numerous Houston Chronicle op-eds on these topics. I'm a Founding Senior Fellow with the Center for Opportunity Urbanism and co-authored the original study with noted urbanist Joel Kotkin and others, creating a city philosophy around upward social mobility for all citizens as an alternative to the popular smart growth, new urbanism, and creative class movements."
  • Transit Oriented Blog (Peter Dovak @pdovak, Arlington)
  • City Comforts (David Sucher @David_Sucher)
  • My Urbanist (Chuck Wolfe Charles "Chuck" Wolfe is a published author, redevelopment lawyer and affiliate member of the faculty of the University of Washington.
  • The Black Urbanist ( Kristen Jeffers @blackurbanist)|
  • YIMBY Queensland blog




Scholarly journals

   1. this list was mostly developed by selecting high-ranked, topic-relevant journals from the Scimago Journal Rank, "Urban Studies" category - which covers housing, planning, urban studies: Also, by noting more commonly-cited journals, reviewing bibliographies and YIMBYwiki Reading_List, etc. 

   2. We're trying to get RSS feed link(s) for these journals wherever they exist. For most people, tracking the journals' content via a RSS reader is probably the most plausible way to follow them. Some journals have email TOC-alerts (Table of Contents alerts when new issues come out). A few journals have Twitter feeds, these are noted. 


Open Access Scholarly Journals

Radical Housing Journal
established 2018
Twitter: @Radical_Housing

Urban Planning 
ISSN: 2183-7635