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YIMBYwiki @YIMBYwiki 14 Jul 2017
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similarly, wondering if Neighborhood Conservation Districts could be used for local upzoning. cf Fischel: http://brooklynworks.brooklaw.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1119&context=blr … #yimbytown

Fischel, William A. (2013). "Neighborhood Conservation Districts: The New Belt and Suspenders of Municipal Zoning." 78 Brook. L. Rev. (2013).


Denver pilot program to pay rent supplement for lower income households (40-80% AMI) to rent vacant market-rate apts


suspend mortgage interest deduction in localities that produce insufficient housing?

David Schleicher
Yale University
Date Written: January 9, 2017


YIMBYwiki @YIMBYwiki 25 Jun 2017
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"a good Q: could a city, in CA or elsewhere, buy land then upzone, capture value increase (by reselling or perhaps by rental income?"