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Mega portal.jpg

or "Portland Homelessness Portal"

project concept developed at Portland Ideation Summit in January 2018 by:

Keith, Leo, and Co.


Siloed, scattered information.


Put all the information into one portal, viewable by intended audiences (click on link in tab at the top): Homeless, Advocates, Residents, Businesses, Neighborhoods. Includes news, lists of resources on a map. Left column is tailored by audience.

Initial resource directory

One starting point for this is the thorough resource page Homelessness in the Portland Area originally created by Sue_Gemmell for the Portland Ideation Summit

As noted in discussion at end of the day during the Summit, one approach is to view that resource page and this page as a version 0.1 of the proposed Portland Homelessness Portland.  Materials can be gathered here and ideas considered, and it evolve to a new form later.