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Have a legal project - hackthon style -  (Hack-a-Law?) to research the 244 Oregon laws that criminalize homelessness.

Suggest revisions and deletions.


Download the ACLU's report (33 page PDF) Decriminalizing Homelessness: Why Right to Rest Legislation is the High Road for Oregon

Street Roots Article about ACLU report

Resources that Sue is exploring

  • ACLU and their report findings
  • Lewis and Clark Law School public interest program
  • Oregon State Bar - Landlord/Tenant law 
  • Oregon State Bar - Baldock Restoration group report 2013; Homeless Bill of Rights. Bob Joondeph, executive director of Disability Rights Oregon (DRO)  “This is a period of significant change in how we look at public services for homeless people and how we’re funding them.” The Oregon campaign leaders plan to present the bill to the 2014 Legislature and have outlined the following goals for the legislation:
    • Investigate the priorities of the unhoused community.
    • Change public perceptions of the unhoused.
    • Educate the housed and unhoused about systemic causes of homelessness.
    • Connect homelessness to public health.
    • Build action teams to achieve incremental victories.
    • Mitigate the negative impacts of criminalization ordinances (anti-camping/sit-lie).
    • Build local and statewide allies.