Land entitlement

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Land entitlement is the legal process of obtaining approvals for development of a property. Entitlements are a legal agreement between you and the governing municipality to allow for the development of a certain building type. Before a project can commence, you must be granted permission from applicable regulatory agencies. 

Possible forms of entitlement, i.e. possible required components to be fully entitled: 

  • Rezoning: A property'’s zoning dictates what you can and can’t do with the land. If the area is not zoned for your intended use, you may need to go through the rezoning process, which may or may not succeed. 
  • Zoning variances: This can include the number of parking spaces, building heights and setbacks.
  • Use permits: You may be required to obtain a conditional use permit for your project.
  • Utility approvals: If utilities are not already at the site, you may need to seek approval for them. You may also need to donate land to the city for utility entitlements.
  • Road approvals: If there are no existing roads that connect the property, you may need to seek approval for the creation of these as well. You’ll also need to consider easements and access.
  • Landscaping: Your local planning and development agency may also need to grant you approval for your landscaping.

Approvals may be required at the city, state and county levels; and city planners and other officials may have different interpretations of rules. [1]




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