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HOME-SF is a proposed housing program of the City of San Francisco, introduced in 2017, to implement a local Affordable Housing Bonus Program, as directed by the 1979 California State Density Bonus Law. The proposed legislation was passed by the SF Planning Commission's Land Use Committee on May 6, 2017, to be forwarded for consideration at the full Board of Supervisors' May 16th meeting.

San Francisco Planning Department's description of Home-SF: 

HOME-SF is a program introduced by Mayor Ed Lee and Supervisor Katy Tang that will provide more opportunities for families to stay, grow, and succeed while maintaining our diverse workforce in San Francisco. This optional program is designed to incentivize building more family-friendly and affordable housing across San Francisco through zoning modifications. HOME-SF includes a number of provisions to protect and grow local small businesses in our city’s many neighborhood commercial corridors. [..].


In 1979, the State of California adopted the State Density Bonus Law, which requires all cities and counties to offer a density bonus and other incentives to housing developments that include at least one of the following options:

  • Five percent of total housing units available to very low-income households
  • Ten percent of total housing units available to low-income households
  • Ten percent of total housing units available to moderate-income households
  • A senior citizen or mobile home park that limits residency based on age requirements for older persons

A density bonus is an increase in the number of housing units than are currently allowed under a specific zoning regulation in exchange for building more affordable housing units and helping the City meet its housing goals. In addition to a density bonus, incentives could include changes in development design requirements such as building setbacks or provided parking.

2014 Housing Element

In April 2014, San Francisco Planning updated the City’s Housing Element. This recent update includes Implementation Measure 38b, recommending the development of an Affordable Housing Bonus Program. Implementation Measure 38b: Planning will develop a density bonus program with the goal of increasing the production of affordable housing. The program will be structured to incentivize market rate projects to provide significantly greater levels of affordable housing than required by the existing City Programs.


At Home with Katy Tang

A brief explainer of Home-SF, Supervisor Katy Tang’s legislation that is a local version of the State Density Bonus. Laura Clark of YIMBY Action and sponsoring SF Supervisor, Katy Tang chat about the fight to pass this legislation.





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