Expulsive zoning

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"Zoning laws are ideally suited for racial segregation and black disenfranchisement. “Expulsive zoning” occurs when areas in residential use are zoned to allow industrial or commercial uses to encourage the displacement of the existing residents.. cf [23] Rabin, “Expulsive Zoning,” pp. 106–08.. http://www.usccr.gov/pubs/envjust/ch2.htm

Rabin, Yale [1999]. “Expulsive Zoning: The Inequitable Legacy of Euclid,” in Charles M. Haar and Jerold S. Kayden, eds., Zoning and the American Dream: Promises Still to Keep, p.107: 

Zoning "has been used to permit—even promote—the intrusion into black neighborhoods of disruptive incompatible uses that have diminished the quality and undermined the stability of those neighborhoods."

via Payton Chung. 

Chung notes: "Rabin's original article mentions apartments as an expulsive use (e.g., the many large-scale private sector projects during the urban renewal era), but less frequently used than industrial."