Thucydides - History of the Peloponnesian War


Samuel Pepys' Diary

in 1825 Braybrooke 2-vol edition, Vol 1:

The Great Plague:  Pepys discussees mainly from May 24, 1665  - mid-late 1667
see p340 - 475
Great Fire of London: 2-6 September, 1666
(see p.445-498, for 2 Sept 1666 on) 

Daniel Defoe - A Journal of the Plague Year (1722) 

Defoe was 5 years old during the Great Plague. His historical-fiction reconstruction (note: disputed) is apparently based particularly on the diary of his uncle Henry Foe (thus H.F. pseudonymous author on original editions of book). 

1900 Aldine House (London) edition, scanned: