Development Roadmap

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Focus Topics

  • State and local legislation, campaigns, actions of interest to YIMBY groups
  • other items which are foci of YIMBY organizing, e.g. ballot initiatives, elections, community plans, specific projects
  • Boulder, Colorado deep dive - relevant history, land-use background (e.g. urban boundary), key organizations and political players, legislation and initiatives, etc. 
  • Bay Area and Oakland foci, connecting to our parent/affiliate groups and to the upcoming YIMBYtown national conference in Oakland in July. 
  • National legislation and regulation changes
  • existing and new solution patterns: e.g. value capture, local sharing of development benefits, legal strategies/innovations
  • Mission-related topics which are not adequately or well covered elsewhere, e.g. in Wikipedia, and/or for which we can plausible seek to be the best resource on the web.  
  • possibly, dedicated pages for highly significant works (e.g. books, studies, articles) for which it would be useful to create a summary outline, collect different responses, list ways to access the work, etc.

Suggestions (PLEASE ADD!)

from Fay Darmawi:  article suggestions: Community land trust, HUD, Co-housing, Commercial condo, Non-profit, Redlining; deals that use density bonus ?; Track inclusionary units by deal?

Chris Whelan (3/18/17): I've found this chart to be really powerful, and it'd be great to have versions for SF and the bay area generally: 

Kevin Burke (3/22/17): "chart I would like to see: likelihood of project being pulled given the number of punts/continuances.
surely there are some cofounding variables there... but it would still be interesting. "projects continued for 3 months are killed 15% of the time. projects continued for 6 months are killed 25%" or whatever"


Design / Format issues

Explore putting YIMBY orgs banner on top of all pages. See for example.

"Featured" box - find way to put it on mobile home page without causing page to expand wider than mobile view (as happened when I tried it so far -Admin]. 

figure out how to put YIMBYwiki logo on mobile front page

Increase default text size of editor box.

[Bug-fix] YIMBYwiki editor problems

[please add here any problem reports, diagnoses, or suggestions for fixes]

This wiki uses an add-on visual editor, and it seems there are some bugs with it or how it is set up.  

  1. at times, line breaks are removed, when they are wanted, e.g. for setting off the mobile section as noted above.
  2. at times, line breaks are inserted. Particularly, I've noticed this happening between sections of a multi-level outline, which causes the number of the outline to break. 


Advanced / Blue-sky projects

Contributor acknowledgement & compensation

[from Admin: I'm interested in exploring models and tools for tracking, evaluating, recording, recognizing, and rewarding user contributions -- for incenting participation, and to explore possible ways to run a publishing venture in more cooperative way. "Reward" might be in various forms such as recognition on site leaderboard and user newsletter and lead-contributors page, increased role authority on site, or receiving (perhaps automatically) stake of project equity or net revenues.

Related topic areas being tracked: 

  • Platform Cooperative movement
  • DCO - Distributed Collaborative Organizations
  • DAO - Decentralized Autonomous Organization
  •,, Swarm Corp, Comakery.

Idea Market & Proposals/Initiatives Incubator

really blue-sky, blue-ocean, left-field, etc..