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Cupertino, Los Altos, & Sunnyvale

Cupertino is a U.S. city in the Silicon Valley region, in Santa Clara County, California, directly west of San Jose on the western edge of the Santa Clara Valley with portions extending into the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains. The population was 58,302 as of the 2010 census.It is known as the home of the Apple Inc.corporate headquarters.



Monta Vista, Cupertino's first housing tract, was developed in the mid-20th century as a result of the electric railway's construction. The city was incorporated in 1955. 


see also full article VALLCO Site.

"A major milestone in Cupertino's development was the creation by some of the city's largest landowners of VALLCO Business and Industrial Park in the early 1960s. Of the 25 property owners, 17 decided to pool their land to form VALLCO Park, 6 sold to Varian Associates (property later sold to Hewlett-Packard), and two opted for transplanting to farms elsewhere. The name VALLCO was derived from the names of the principal developers: Varian Associates and the Leonard, Lester, Craft, and Orlando families. A neighborhood outdoor shopping center and, much later, the enclosed Vallco Fashion Park, briefly renamed Cupertino Square, were also developed. [this is now known as Vallco Shopping Mall]." -Wikipedia. 

Since 2014, the proposed redevelopment of this VALLCO Site has emerged as a key land-use controversy in Cupertino, and prompted the formation of new advocacy groups such as Better Cupertino.  

See article VALLCO Site for more information.  

Advocacy organizations in housing & land-use

  • Better Cupertino 
    • "A group of concerned residents who act together for a more responsive and responsible Cupertino government. Our focus is engaging residents and city government to balance growth and quality of life."
      "In December 2014, there was a rally of more than 300 residents in front of Cupertino City Hall to protest 4000+ Housing Elements Plan. That was how Better Cupertino got started. We showed our concern on the General Plan Amendment (GPA). Please refer to our petition which had more than 2,000 supporters. Better Cupertino organized a rally on May 19, 2015 to oppose the GPA and newly added 2 million square feet office space at Vallco." - from Better Cupertino web site, accessed December 21, 2017.
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    • Twitter: @BetterCupertino


  • Cupertino Thrives  



  • area organizations
    • Catalyze SV (based in San Jose). 
      • "Engaging community members, developers, and city leaders to envision and create sustainable, equitable, and vibrant places for people in Silicon Valley."

    • Silicon Valley @ Home
      • (Affordable Housing advocacy org based in San Jose, works across Santa Clara County).