Counter-cyclical development

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Counter-cyclical Development, in housing, is the idea of housing creators, especially governments, building housing or taking other related steps like buying land or performing planning, during off-peak phases of the economic cycle. 


@RevClown 28 Aug 2017
"We can help smooth the harsh cyclicality of our construction industry that sheds workers in slow times and jacks up prices in good ones. 

reply by @YIMBYwiki 28 Aug 2017.
on cyclicity, how about bond/trustfund-funding & assuring long-term steady bldg programs w/modular, grow that sector? c/@TernerHousing.

@TribTowerViews 23 Dec 2017
"Public housing as counter-cyclical fiscal policy. Crazy stuff."
with screenshot of text excerpt and book cover of "Socialism, the State, and Public Policy in France" (1985).  Socialism, the State and Public Policy in France 
by Philip Cerny (Author),‎ Martin Schain (Editor):

"Although the Government intially intended to transfer responsibility for public housing construction to sub-national governments, it reversed itself on the grounds that there was a need for a crash program of housing construction, given the acute housing shortage, and the Barre Government's refusal to sponsor public housing construction.  In addition, public housing construction was to serve as a chief instrument in counter-cyclical macroeconomic policy to stimulate economic growth." 

reply from @YIMBYwiki 2 Jan 2017
c'est bon. On topic of housing as counter-cyclical stimulus, thoughts on how, say, California state or cities might do that? Can have other benefits: lower building+land costs, sustain labor demand+capacity, support prefab industry. cf thread w/@revclown [above]. 

reply from @TribTowerViews 4:12 PM - 2 Jan 2018
Replying to @YIMBYwiki @RevClown
a division of the relevant Metropolitan Planning Organization could finance predevelopment, work on entitlements, acquire land through tax sales, RFP to qualified to developers and build up bond & other funds during boom for gap financing during downturn.