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"Christian YIMBY" and "Christian Urbanism" were suggested as article topics. (22 Feb 2018)

"Yes, and I hope to start a Christian YIMBY group (open to non-Christians but citing Church magisterium and great Protestant writers as sources)"

tbh, the YIMBY group I am involved in is a regional one-based in NYC. I don't think any YIMBY groups exist based around specific ideas, so it will be more an online thing where Christian YIMBYs can exchange ideas and read scripture

very interesting. You are welcome to start a page about it on YIMBYwiki, if you like; we'll try to help. There's a long, rich tradition of Christian involvement in housing - almhouses, settlement houses, housing reform, social housing etc…

Charles Marohn is a Christian urbanist with many great ideas, but not strictly a YIMBY. This book is a great starting point…

Yes, Jane Addams and Dorothy Day are inspirational to feminists, urbanists, and Christians

great, thanks for pointer. What is that NYC-based group btw? also, what might be a good at least provisional name for a topic page to track this - "Christian urbanism" perhaps? We have a "Conservative urbanism" page thanks to Jonathan btw.

And yup, Christian urbanism is a pretty good placeholder. Congress for the New Urbanism has a Christian caucus that convened a couple years ago

I think the writer of that book helped start it. But the more representation, the better. I think Christian groups in this country are trying to reach a heightened social conscience (look at Russell Moore and criminal justice reform), and housing is something they should consider