CALIFORNIA Housing & Community Development Statewide Housing Assessment 2017

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California's Housing Future: 
Challenges and Opportunities
Statewide Housing Assessment
Public Draft 'Now Available
Today the California Department of Housing and Community Development proudly releases California's Housing Future: Challenges and Opportunities - Public Draft.
Home is the foundation for life. It's where we raise families, feel safe and secure, rest and recharge. Our options for where we live have far-reaching impacts in our lives - from ourjob opportunitiesto our physical and mentalhealth, fromour children's successin school to ourenvironmental footprint.
This Statewide Housing Assessment provides in depth research into California's far reachinghousing challenges:
  • Production averaged less than 80,000 new homes annually over the last 10 years, and ongoing production continues to fall far below the projected need of 180,000 additional homes annually.
  • Lack of supply and rising costs are compounding growing inequality for younger Californians. 
  • One-third of renters pay more than 50% of income toward rent.
  • Homeownership rates are at their lowest in California since the 1940s.
  • California accounts for a disproportionate 22% of the nation's homeless population.
  • Continued sprawl will decrease affordability and quality of life while increasing combined housing and transportation costs on families.
In addition to analyzing housing needs and condition, "California's Housing Future" presents preliminary recommendations to address California's housing challenges through a ten-year forward looking policy framework.
Stakeholder Engagement: 
With this release of the California's Housing Future: Challenges and Opportunities - Public Draft, HCD will engage in a robust stakeholder process to discuss and receive feedback on the Assessment, as well as its preliminary recommendations. The Statewide Housing Assessment is expected to be complete by summer 2017.
Public Comment Period through March 4, 2017
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