The meaning of busway in this article is bus-only lanes or dedicated corridors in a roadway or network of roadways versus the term's use in electrical distribution to denote a grounded metal conduit. Busways can also be (stand-alone) isolated or segregated from roadways that carry other kinds of motorized vehicles.

Advantages of Busways

Overall, busways increase the number of riders that a bus route can accommodate and offer similar advantages to subways and light rail (both of which run on dedicated tracks) as buses run on them do not compete with other vehicles.

Where public transit buses are used, busways can...

  • Increase the speed at which buses can travel by not allowing their routes to be hampered by other traffic.
  • That increase in individual bus speed can, in turn, increase the number of buses that can be allocated to a given route, allowing for an increase in the numbers of riders.


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