AB-2162, "Planning and zoning: housing development: supportive housing." is a California Assembly bill introduced on February 12, 2018 by Assemblymember David Chiu.  

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Press release: https://a17.asmdc.org/press-releases/assemblymember-david-chiu-announces-effort-tackle-homelessness-crisis.

Bill text, sponsors

Bill text: http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billNavClient.xhtml?bill_id=201720180AB2162.

Introduced by Assembly Members Chiu and Daly
(Coauthors: Assembly Members Bloom, Bonta, Caballero, Friedman, and Gloria)



AB 2162, as introduced, Chiu. Planning and zoning: housing development: supportive housing.

"The Planning and Zoning Law requires the legislative body of each county and city to adopt a comprehensive, long-term general plan for the physical development of the county or city that includes, among other mandatory elements, a housing element. That law requires the housing element to contain a program that sets forth a schedule of actions during the planning period, each with a timeline for implementation, and requires the rezoning of sites identified in the inventory of sites by specific deadlines where the inventory does not identify adequate sites to accommodate the need for groups of all household income levels. That law further requires this rezoning to accommodate 100% of the need for housing for very low and low-income households, as specified, on sites zoned to permit owner-occupied and rental multifamily residential use by right during the planning period and defines the term “use by right” for these purposes."

"This bill would require that supportive housing be a use by right in zones where multiple dwelling uses are permitted, including commercial zones, if the proposed housing development meets specified criteria and would require a local government to approve, within specified periods, a supportive housing development that complies with these requirements. The bill would require that a developer of supportive housing provide the planning agency with a plan for providing supportive services, with documentation demonstrating that supportive services will be provided onsite to residents in the project and describing those services, as provided. The bill would prohibit the local government from imposing any minimum parking requirement, other than to require that the development include employee parking, if the development is located within ½ mile of a public transit stop. The bill would specify that its provisions do not (1) preclude or limit the ability of a developer to seek a density bonus from the local government or (2) expand or contract the authority of a local government to adopt or amend an ordinance, charter, general plan, specific plan, resolution, or other land use policy or regulation that promotes the development of supportive housing."

"The bill would include findings that the changes proposed by this bill address a matter of statewide concern rather than a municipal affair and, therefore, apply to all cities, including charter cities."