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 AB 1759 "General plans: housing element: production report: withholding of transportation funds" is a California Assembly bill  introduced 1/4/2018 by Asssemblymember McCarty (D- ). 

See California housing legislation 2018 for all housing bills.


Would require the Department of Housing and Community Development, on or before June 30, 2022, and on or before June 30 every year thereafter and until June 30, 2051, to review each production report submitted by a city or county in accordance with the provisions as specified to determine whether that city or county has met the applicable minimum production goal for that reporting period. The bill would provide that, if the department determines that a city or county has met its applicable minimum production goal for that reporting period, the department shall, no later than June 30 of that year, submit a certification of that result to the Controller.

just got an email update that AB 1759 is heading to committee.  This is the bill that would withhold transportation $$$ from jurisdictions not meeting housing production goals.