25 Solutions From A Builder’s Perspective To Fix The California Housing Crisis

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"25 Solutions From A Builder’s Perspective To Fix The California Housing Crisis" is an January 10, 2018 article by @housingforLA, pseudonym of a Los Angeles-based homebuilder. Published in Urbanize.la. 

Allow 100% Residential Development On Commercially Zoned Properties[edit]


Stop Killing Housing By Delaying Approvals – Honor Mayor Ed Lee’s Executive Directive [edit]


Create New Zones For Missing Middle Housing[edit]


We Need Uniform Statewide Zoning Rules for Properties Within ½ Mile Of a Rail Stop[edit]


We Must Woo The Publicly Traded Homebuilders Back To California[edit]


Legally Enforce That All Jurisdictions Take Senate Bill 35 Seriously[edit]


Give Our Local Communities Appropriate New Housing Goals And Mandate They Meet Them[edit]


Measure Progress By Certificates of Occupancy Minus Units Demolished[edit]


Allow Housing Construction To Begin Immediately After Planning Approvals[edit]


Be Very Careful Adding New Fees To Developments That Create New Housing[edit]


Audit Planning Documents Regularly To See If They Are Creating Housing – Be Careful Not To Over Zone[edit]


Incentivize and Remove Planning Approvals For As Much Affordable Housing As Possible[edit]


Reform, don’t repeal The Costa Hawkins Act and The Ellis Act[edit]

There is room to reform Costa-Hawkins. Maybe rent control doesn’t start for 15, 20 or 25 years. Maybe older single-family homes should be rent controlled. Maybe annual rent increases at first can be more than the rate of inflation, but not unlimited. I would like to see an academic, not an activist, propose some solutions. 


Publicly Funding Construction Of Below Market Rate Housing Is Important, But Should Not Be Our Primary Focus[edit]


Make The Los Angeles Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance Statewide Law[edit]


CalPERS Needs To Start Investing In California Homebuilding Again[edit]


We Need To Look At Dodd-Frank Reform[edit]


Fannie Mae Needs To Finance Construction Loans For Homebuilding[edit]


Digitize and Open Source Zoning Information For All Property In California[edit]


The Building Trades Need To Educate Builders on Prevailing Wage Requirements[edit]


Give Our 120 California Legislators a Pay Raise[edit]


Care About State Elections[edit]

    1. Papers of record should questionnaire and endorse state legislature candidates. 


We Need More Labor - recruit out-of-state, train, overhaul immigration[edit]

  1. recruit out-of-state skilled workers that have lost manufacturing jobs.
  2. train via state’s Community Colleges
  3. overhaul our nation’s immigration laws. 

Threaten to Take Away Local Control From Bad Actors[edit]


We Need a Real Lobby - support YIMBY movement and California YIMBY[edit]

Support the YIMBY movement and California YIMBY.