25 Solutions From A Builder’s Perspective To Fix The California Housing Crisis

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"25 Solutions From A Builder’s Perspective To Fix The California Housing Crisis" is an January 10, 2018 article by @housingforLA, pseudonym of a Los Angeles-based homebuilder. Published in Urbanize.la. 

Allow 100% Residential Development On Commercially Zoned Properties


Stop Killing Housing By Delaying Approvals – Honor Mayor Ed Lee’s Executive Directive 


Create New Zones For Missing Middle Housing


We Need Uniform Statewide Zoning Rules for Properties Within ½ Mile Of a Rail Stop


We Must Woo The Publicly Traded Homebuilders Back To California


Legally Enforce That All Jurisdictions Take Senate Bill 35 Seriously


Give Our Local Communities Appropriate New Housing Goals And Mandate They Meet Them


Measure Progress By Certificates of Occupancy Minus Units Demolished


Allow Housing Construction To Begin Immediately After Planning Approvals


Be Very Careful Adding New Fees To Developments That Create New Housing


Audit Planning Documents Regularly To See If They Are Creating Housing – Be Careful Not To Over Zone


Incentivize and Remove Planning Approvals For As Much Affordable Housing As Possible


Reform, don’t repeal The Costa Hawkins Act and The Ellis Act

There is room to reform Costa-Hawkins. Maybe rent control doesn’t start for 15, 20 or 25 years. Maybe older single-family homes should be rent controlled. Maybe annual rent increases at first can be more than the rate of inflation, but not unlimited. I would like to see an academic, not an activist, propose some solutions. 


Publicly Funding Construction Of Below Market Rate Housing Is Important, But Should Not Be Our Primary Focus


Make The Los Angeles Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance Statewide Law


CalPERS Needs To Start Investing In California Homebuilding Again


We Need To Look At Dodd-Frank Reform


Fannie Mae Needs To Finance Construction Loans For Homebuilding


Digitize and Open Source Zoning Information For All Property In California


The Building Trades Need To Educate Builders on Prevailing Wage Requirements


Give Our 120 California Legislators a Pay Raise


Care About State Elections

    1. Papers of record should questionnaire and endorse state legislature candidates. 


We Need More Labor - recruit out-of-state, train, overhaul immigration

  1. recruit out-of-state skilled workers that have lost manufacturing jobs.
  2. train via state’s Community Colleges
  3. overhaul our nation’s immigration laws. 

Threaten to Take Away Local Control From Bad Actors


We Need a Real Lobby - support YIMBY movement and California YIMBY

Support the YIMBY movement and California YIMBY.