2017 Colorado State YIMBY-related Legislation

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Bills Signed Into Law by the Colorado Governor in the 2017 Session

The Colorado legislature designates the convening dates for its sessions by joint resolution. For its 2017 session, the convening date was Wednesday, January 11, 2017.

HB=House Bill SB=Senate Bill

SB 17-279: Applicability Recent Urban Renewal Legislation signed May 25
HB 17-1354: Collection Of Delinquent Taxes On Mobile Homes signed May 19
SB 17-262: HUTF And Capital Construction Fund Transfers signed April 28
HB 17-1049: Eliminate Property Tax Abatement Refund Interest signed April 24
SB 17-100: Land Stewardship Volunteer Grantee Immunity signed April 6
SB 17-097: Vacated Alleys Presume Included In All Deeds signed April 6
HB 17-1019: Property Tax Redemption Third Party Costs signed March 8
HB 17-1017: County Surveyor Duties signed March 8
HB 17-1067: Update National Standards Citations Accessible Housing signed March 8


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