2017 Colorado State YIMBY-related Legislation

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Bills Signed Into Law by the Colorado Governor in the 2017 Session[edit]

The Colorado legislature designates the convening dates for its sessions by joint resolution. For its 2017 session, the convening date was Wednesday, January 11, 2017.

HB=House Bill SB=Senate Bill

SB 17-279: Applicability Recent Urban Renewal Legislation signed May 25
HB 17-1354: Collection Of Delinquent Taxes On Mobile Homes signed May 19
SB 17-262: HUTF And Capital Construction Fund Transfers signed April 28
HB 17-1049: Eliminate Property Tax Abatement Refund Interest signed April 24
SB 17-100: Land Stewardship Volunteer Grantee Immunity signed April 6
SB 17-097: Vacated Alleys Presume Included In All Deeds signed April 6
HB 17-1019: Property Tax Redemption Third Party Costs signed March 8
HB 17-1017: County Surveyor Duties signed March 8
HB 17-1067: Update National Standards Citations Accessible Housing signed March 8


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