2016 US transportation ballot measures

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  • County of Los Angeles - Measure M: $0.005 new sales tax, plus indefinite extension of existing $0.005 sales tax for transit/transportation:
    • Conversion of Orange Line BRT to light rail
    • More than 40 miles of light rail
    • Extension of Metro Purple Line
    • More than 30 miles of BRT
    • 20 miles of mode-undetermined high-capacity lines
    • Puget Sound Region - ST3: Mix of taxation
    • 60 miles of light rail
    • BRT on I-405 and SR-520


  • Bay Area Rapid Transit District - Measure RR: Bonds on property tax
    • 90 miles (I assume track-miles) of rail replacement
    • Tunnel repairs due to water intrusion
    • Electrical and train control upgrades
    • Earthquake retrofits
    • Capacity improvements


  • Santa Clara County - Measure B: $0.005 sales tax
    • San Jose Downtown BART extension
    • Caltrain capacity improvements
    • The rest goes to roads



City of Atlanta - City TSPLOST: $0.004 sales tax for city transportation improvements - largely bike/ped/complete streets/streetscaping, though there are some auto-oriented projects, too.

  • City of Atlanta - MARTA Expansion: $0.005 sales tax (in addition to the existing $0.01 sales tax) for major transit expansion, including:
    • 30 miles of light rail on the BeltLine
    • 2 mile extension of West (Metro) Line
    • 2 mile starter segment of the Clifton Corridor (Emory U) light rail.
    • 10 miles of BRT
    • 3 infill stations on existing MARTA lines.
    • New railcars
    • Arterial bus improvements
    • Bus frequency/span improvements



  • Southeastern Michigan (Detroit) - RTA Millage: Property tax levy
    • Regional BRT network
    • Commuter rail between Detroit and Ann Arbor


North Carolina

  • Wake County - Sales tax
    • Commuter rail from Durham and Raleigh to Research Triangle ParkBus service expansion countywide



  • City of Virginia Beach - Non-binding referendum on Light Rail extension from Norfolk into the city.



  • Seattle: Sound Transit 3 (passed - 54% approval)
    • 62 new miles of light rail (total of 112 miles), 2 bus rapid transit lines, 1 commuter rail extension
    • Includes provisions for affordable housing near transit stations, as well as ongoing maintenance funds
    • $54 billion (year-of-expenditure until 2041), funded by 0.5% increase in sales tax, MVET (car tabs) increase of 0.8%, property tax of 25 cents per $1,000 of assessed value

  • Kitsap County: Fast ferries
  • Spokane: STA Moving Forward
    • 0.2% sales tax increase
    • Failed in 2015 (0.3% sales tax) and re-worked
    • BRT line from Browne's Addition to Downtown Spokane and Gonzaga University campus


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From: David Whitehead <dwhitehead  ggwash.org> Date: Thursday, October 27, 2016 Subject: [yimbytown] Round up of YIMBY ballot issues this election To: yimbytown@googlegroups.com

Hello everyone, on our blog we are considering doing a national round-up of transit issues on the ballot this November, see the post outline below.

I'd love to get together a similar roundup of YIMBY/development-related ballot issues.

If you know of some in your area or in other cities, can you add them to this google doc. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vMZy3fVBape-nSii6Yjnvkg3Ov-K8A-HmvOnuQJGwBQ

Please add links, so we can read more, and give a short summary (see the examples below).

I'll share out the list to this email group when it's compiled.

Thanks in advance!

-- David Whitehead
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