2016 Oregon State YIMBY-related Legislation

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HB=House Bill SB=Senate Bill

HB 4064
Creates Affordable Housing Mortgage Loan Fund and continuously appropriates moneys in fund to Housing and Community Services Department for purpose of making deferred loan to qualified statewide nonprofit organization.Introduced only.

HB 4078
Creates Transit Expansion Fund. Introduced only.

HB 4126
Permits cities outside Metro to complete evaluations and amendments of urban growth boundaries under statutes and administrative rules in effect on June 30, 2013. Made law - Chapter 81 Law

HB 4143
Prohibits rent increases during first year of month-to-month tenancies. Made law - Chapter 53 Law.

HB 4048
Reallocates moneys for transportation projects. Made law - Chapter 38 Law.

HB 4079
Directs Land Conservation and Development Commission to establish pilot program in which local governments may site and develop affordable housing. Made law- Chapter 52 Law.

HB 4081
Extends sunset of exemption from ad valorem property taxation for property of nonprofit corporation that, for tax year beginning on July 1, 2012, was actually offered, occupied or used as low-income housing and granted exemption by county. Made law - Chapter 40 Law.

HB 4084
Authorizes certain local governments to adopt ordinance or resolution providing property tax incentive programs that grant special assessment to brownfields or exemption to new and existing improvements and personal property on brownfields for period of up to 10 years, with additional period up to five years based on locally adopted criteria. Made law - Chapter 96 Law.

SB 1533
Permits certain cities and counties to adopt land use regulations or functional plan provisions, or impose conditions for approval of permits, that effectively establish sales or rental price, or require designation for sale or rent as affordable housing, for up to 20 percent of multifamily structure in exchange for one or more developer incentives. Made law.

SB 1573
Requires city whose laws require petition proposing annexation of territory to be submitted to electors to annex territory without vote upon receipt of petition for annexation submitted by all owners of land in territory provided territory is included within urban growth boundary of city or Metro and is, or will be, subject to acknowledged comprehensive plan of city, at least one parcel in territory is contiguous to city limits and proposal conforms to all other requirements of city's ordinances. Made law.

SB 1582
Directs Housing and Community Services Department to develop and implement Local Innovation and Fast Track Housing Program to expand state's supply of affordable housing for low income households. Made law.