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  • curprev 20:04, 10 January 2022Reception123 talk contribs 1 byte −626 remove sitenotice; apologies for the inconvenience caused for this, this was only used as a final method after no response was received by other means Tag: Replaced
  • curprev 16:09, 8 January 2022Reception123 talk contribs 627 bytes +627 Created page with "'''''': There is a DNS misconfiguration on this wiki showing DNS errors for us (SSL WARNING - rDNS OK but records conflict. {'NS': ['', '', ''], 'CNAME': None}) Please fix the issue or contact us. If the issue is not fixed (or we do not receive an email at <code>sre[at]miraheze[dot]org</code>) by <u>15 January 2022</u> the custom domain will '''temporarily be removed''' and this wiki will revert to its Mir..."