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This is a open site for housing and land-use issues. We invite anyone to start a new page or edit articles on topics related to creating more inclusive, affordable, equitable housing and communities.


posted May 28, 2020: the "Safe Sleeping Village" (as termed by officials), in San Francisco at Fulton Mall near Civic Plaza, between the Central Library and Asian Art Museum and looking towards City Hall.
Safe Sleeping Village, at San Francisco's Fulton Mall near Civic Plaza, May 2020. photo by Justin Sullivan
Safe Sleeping Village, at San Francisco's Fulton Mall near Civic Plaza, May 2020. photo by Justin Sullivan
This, the first site under a new city policy to create "safe sleeping areas," opened in early May and is one key focal point in San Francisco's intense and internationally-followed battle over homelessness response amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

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